I like to write stories. Some of my stories have been published as ebooks and I plan to do a physical omnibus edition for them when I have enough material for about 300 pages worth. Most recently I have published a non-fiction account of my experience as a creative writing student with the Open University (A215). This lead to more material being available on the blog and ought to lead, in due course, to more published stories. I also have two as yet unpublished novels at second draft stage.

As well as writing stories, I also design face to face games. Some of these are available for free download over on my Full Moon Games website. Notably there is a game about the experience of being an Afghan farmer, and also a megagame being worked up on aftermath of the Glorious Revolution in 1688.

Contact Info

If you want to get in touch then I can be found on twitter as @greencoatboy  or you can try email james at this domain name, i.e. themself.org

Other pages

  • Books written by James Kemp – a list of the published books for which I am the author.
  • Computer Names – the names and some info of computers that I have owned, not a comprehensive list
  • Library (removed) – some of the thousands of books that I own, just those that are recent acquisitions (or recently read). Slightly out of date because I now use Goodreads for tracking my book collection (where I can find the book in its database).