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Predictive Tweets – A Game to Play with your Friends

I've noticed that the predictive text options on my phone have been much better than I expected. Sometimes I've been able to send SMS messages without having to type more than the first word. This gave me the idea for Predictive Tweets, a game you can play with your friends. Predictive Tweets Predictive tweets game in progress As a game this is quite simple. No app, no bloatware, just a twitter client on your phone. Pick a friend type their name or twitter handle at the beginning of your predictive tweet. Use only predictive text options available to you from on your phone to finish the tweet. Keep sending Predictive Tweets until you get a WTF or they work it out. Use the hash tag #predictivetweets on the predictive tweets when your friend has twigged. Once your friend realises something weird is going…
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Milmud – Guest Post today about 1689 Highland Battles

Today's blog post is a guest post on Military Muddling, AKA Milmud. Milmud is the blog and club newsletter for Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group (CLWG). CLWG are a group of activist game designers. Most of the Megagame Makers designers belong to CLWG, including Jim Wallman who brought us the Universe roleplaying games and Watch the Skies. I'm a member of CLWG and have been for about 20 years. At the 2015 CLWG  conference I ran a session on the Highland Battles of 1689. This is going to form part of a 1689 Megagame planned for late 2017. You can read more about my game design efforts over on Hot Blood and Cold Steel. Link to Milmud Here's the post on milmud Highland Battles 1689 - onside report. I found the session very useful and I learnt a lot from it.…
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Megagame – Watch the Skies 2: Global Conspiracy

This is a copy of an article from my game blog  On Saturday I was the lead control for the East Asia region in Megagame Makers largest game so far, Watch the Skies: Global Conspiracy. You can read rather a lot about it on twitter, facebook, reddit and a number of blogs because there were over 300 people involved in this megagame. Look for #WTS2 to find some of it. So my role started some time ago, the first Watch the Skies megagame, with a mere 50 players, was filmed by the chaps at Shut Up & Sit Down and megagames became insanely popular. I missed WTS because of family commitments (it was my daughter's birthday weekend). WTS2, and just about every other megagame, got booked up overnight and I couldn't get a space on it. Jim Wallman had a plan…
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Release! A game about building software

I got my kickstarter reward from funding Release! The game arrived the other day, I've not yet had a chance to play it but I thought I'd share these photos with you of the box and it's contents. Game Blurb RELEASE! is a light card game about software and the people who make it. It takes modern development methodologies and crams them into a trick taking card game that is fast paced, easy to pick up, and has a lot of room for strategy. The Kickstarter edition contains the base game and 14 new plug-ins and expansions. What's in the box? Lots of stuff, mainly game cards, some notepads for recording your score and bits to keep the expansions etc separate. Here are some pictures. The contents of the Release! box spread out              …
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Megagame – Funeral Games II – pt.2 – Cassander

This is the second part of my offside report on the Megagame Makers megagame 'Funeral Games II' which I played in on Saturday. It covered the period following Alexander the Great's death and the struggle by his successors to attain power. In the first half of the game I played Antipater, until he died of old age in his bed, then I played his heir, Cassander. Cassander This afforded me a moment to breathe. I was reincarnated as Cassander, my heir. As it turns out Perdiccas got killed and he became my younger brother Alexarchus. Another player also got reassigned then too and played the middle brother Pleistarchus. We had a short breather and plotted how to establish ourselves as powerful, the downfall of Queen Olympias and the rebuilding of Thebes. Cassander''s Objectives Gain control of Macedonia Expand your power…
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