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Writing Good Living History Characters for Re-enactors

This second post in the living history series is on creating good living history characters.  The previous blog post was on the five steps for scripting living history events, of which creating your living history characters is the fifth step. Cooking snacks for soldiers at a living history event Living history events are a sort of promenade theatre with a lot of improvisation. Re-enactors are often mingled with the public, and many will be answering questions one to one. So living history characters need to be more robust than if you were writing for another medium. Here's what you need to do: Outline the scenario Work out what characters you need for the scenario Provide background for each character Define limits for improvisation Cast people as your main characters & brief them 1. Outline Your Scenario Mass-produced colour photolithography on paper…
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Detling Military Odyssey

From a Fairfax point of view this was a small do, there being four pike, twelve musket, two sergeants, one drummer and one officer. It was an ECWS major though and there were probably a couple of hundred on the field, certainly one of the opposing pike divisions I saw over 30 pike in it. There were also hordes of other re-enactors, including a disturbing number of SS and Hitler Youth. The Saturday saw some rain and a very boring battle (we were in reserve and it was a billiard table relieved only by someone's very small shed, a couple of loose fences and some bales of hay). All round us were lots of wigwams and we attempted bravely to follow the script but in the end gave up and took a cannon before the KA retreated from the field.…
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