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Editors – Part 2: How to find a good editor

Last week I wrote about the various stages of editing, this week it is about how to find a good editor. There's nothing to say that you must use someone else to edit your work, but most people will probably find it helpful if approached well. Even people that mostly edit other people's work find the fresh eyes bring something to the process. 'Get an Editor' is Bad advice Lots of people bang on about getting an editor. This is good advice, but not when people just say "get an editor". Unless you know what editing is all about how can you pick a good editor? You certainly don't want to just pay the cheapest person. That might be good value, but more likely it'll just waste money. The same is true of picking the most expensive option. The key…
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Editing – What is Editing and why must you do it? Part 1

Editing is an essential part of the writing process. None of us are perfect, so we need to edit. Editing improves the quality of writing. Editing also has various forms and stages. If you don't understand exactly what editing is then you won't get the best quality texts. Green Ink vs Red Ink when editing Types of Editing Not all of these, strictly speaking, are editing. They are all essential parts of the post production process for writing. Spell checking Development editing Copy editing Formatting Proofreading I've listed them in the order that I think that they need to be done when you've finished the first draft. I cycle through 1-3 until I am completely happy that I have a publishable product. Only at that point would I go through 4 & 5. Spell checking It should go without saying,…
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Writer’s Bookshelf – Bookshelves Abound = #Shelfie 07

Given that November is National Novel Writing Month, the Bookshelves Abound series naturally continues with my Writer's Bookshelf. This is the fifth of the five bookshelves on the upstairs landing. It sits between the New Bookshelf and my bedroom door. Writer's Bookshelf My writer's bookshelf, where all the books on the craft of writing go, as well as useful reference works. The Writer's Bookshelf is where I've collected books about writing, language and other reference works that I think might be useful for writing or editing stories. It also has some general background works as potential research for stories that I have planned outlines for, or have written as short stories and think that I could expand. Let's start with the top and work down. Reference Works The very top shelf has a whole bunch of popular science and practical reference works. Most…
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Every Word Counts – NaNoWriMo Tips – Get Ready to Write!

my desk for writing poetry, where every word counts (photo credit: James Kemp) NaNoWriMo 2016 starts tomorrow, so here are some special NaNoWriMo Tips to get you ready because every word counts. Tens of thousands of writers are waiting with fingers waggling over their keyboards. They're aiming to write 50,000 words before the end of November. 2016 NaNoWriMo Tips 1. Find a Time The trick is to find a time when you can write. Mornings are usually good because you're fresh, but others find late at night works for them. You might neeed to experiment a little to find out what works best for you. I tend to write on trains, when I can get a seat. So I get some short sharp 30 minute sessions every working day. I just use what I can because every word counts. 2.…
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Auld Lang Syne compiled by Karen Dolby [Book Review]

Auld Lang Syne: Words to Songs You Used to Know compiled by Karen Dolby My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a song book of many of the songs that you've probably heard growing up, or maybe down the pub if you frequent that sort of pub. Auld Lang Syne compiled by Karen Dolby Auld Lang Syne is a collection of songs organised by theme. They're not quite folk songs, but popular implies the wrong thing. These are songs that ordinary people sing, rather than professional musicians (although many have been recorded by the latter).  Each song has its lyrics, and is followed by notes on when it was written, who has recorded it and what the tune is. There are also notes explaining the context of some of the songs. The sections are: country life thoughts of home love and…
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