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Fierce is the working title of an as yet unpublished fantasy novel. It needs to be read by a few brave beta readers who are willing to tell me what they think of it. Once that’s happened and I’ve polished it then it will go to be edited. You can read the first chapter on the blog, and also some of the background. If you’d like to be a beta reader let me know.


Perfects follows two genetically engineered young adults in a future where genetic modification of people is illegal. Into Charlie’s life comes Pandora, a young woman fresh from the same children’s home Charlie grew up in. Initially there is distrust, and a spark of something else…

I expect to publish the novel with a print version from Castlegreen Publishing when it has been edited. This one is also at complete second draft stage and would benefit from being beta read.

Published Work

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Cover Title & Blurb

Front cover of Themself by James Kemp
Front cover of Themself by James Kemp
Themself: My Experience as an Open University Creative Writing Student

Themself: My experience as a creative writing student

This is an inspirational piece of life writing that should encourage those that want to try a new creative pursuit. If you’ve always wondered if you can write, this book shows that you can do it too.

James Kemp started Creative Writing with the Open University in October 2013. Themself is the story of how he became a better writer. As well as the stories and poetry he wrote there is commentary on how and why they were written. He shares notes on how to build worlds, create characters, tell stories, write poetry and fiction.

The main stories in Themself are:

  • Night Patrol – a tense night with the British Army
  • Rounds – a young midwife solves a problem by helping several others
  • Refusal – an immigration officer deals with a visitor who is more than she claims
  • Hunting Nazis – two former SOE agents settle some unfinished business in 1953 Berlin.

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Crisis Point cover

Crisis Point (Exodus)


Crisis Point

A stand alone novelette set in the same world created for Perfects and shows a military conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elelcted US President. This is a future where space travel has got cheaper and major corporations have used the FAI treaty that establishes space as non-national from 100km above the Earth. This gives them a guaranteed tax free haven, and also allows them to establish research and development labs outside national governance.

In the middle of the 21st Century Mike Duff is an officer of US Space Command, in a period where the United States has entered one of its periodic isolationist phases. The military are getting cut, and they and the defense contractors aren’t happy about it. Mike is a patriotic American, loyal to the Constitution and proud of his country, but he doesn’t like the increasing mix of Church and State that the politicians are bringing.

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Much of my writing is available on the blog and you can read it for free, including bits of the stories listed above. If you like it feel free to leave comments, and if you think it can get better please drop me an e-mail with suggestions (james at the blog’s domain, i.e. @themself.org).