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Making Sense of Strategy (Open University B301)

I've just started an Open University course (B301) titled "Making Sense of Strategy" in an attempt to show that I understand the theory as well as having practical experience of developing Strategy. The latter is a matter of record (on my CV at any rate). Mostly I've done it using central government's policy perspective, which isn't terribly good at acknowledging various academic theories. I've also got a strong pragmatic streak, so I've never really held much stock by other people's formal methods. Nevertheless Making Sense of Strategy will marry up my practice with the theory. Making Sense of Strategy What my experience does is make me highly sceptical of the various models being held up. That is probably a good thing. Making Sense of Strategy is mostly about making people think for themself. While still showing that we understand the competing theories. I've been looking at…
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Design Session for “The Lion Comes Home” – Onside report

English: President Harry S. Truman (foreground, left) greeting British Prime Minister Clement Attlee (foreground, right) at Washington National Airport, upon Attlee's arrival for talks on the Korean crisis. Also present is Sir Oliver Franks, British Ambassador to the United States (right), and Field Marshal Sir William Slim (left), the Chief of the Imperial General Staff (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This CLWG session yesterday was a very loose and rambling affair with myself and three (or perhaps four) others. I ran a design session for a game tentatively titled "The Lion Comes Home" about the post-war decolonisation period. Despite the great number of digressions I managed to get quite a few useful pointers about structure, level of detail, team composition and, importantly, how much more research I had to do. With luck the game will appear some time during 1996 for a…
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