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Family Mystery

A cousin sent me an entry from the 1911 census for my great, great grandfather who lived in Old Kilpatrick in Scotland (which is where I grew up). James and his wife Ann Kemp are recorded as living at number 90 (Lusset Cottage) in Old Kilpatrick (the street isn't explicitly named, I guess that is on the page with the first house on it). This sparked an intriguing mystery, as there is a death certificate for Ann Kemp (nee Dewar) in 1890. Her husband James died in 1911 (for which I also have a certificate). His address on the death certificate is different to the census one (Smith's Land, Old Kilpatrick - but the person reporting it is listed as a neighbour and lives in 2 Neil (or Hill) Street Kilbowie), It is hard to be sure as the 1911…
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More Dad Stuff

More Dad Stuff: Shedloads More Ideas for Dads by Steve Caplin My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is an absolutely fabulous resource for those that have small kids or come into contact with small kids and want to wow them (or even just entertain them a bit to keep them from harrassing you). Lots of interesting facts, suggestions for things to do, games to play, kitchen science and challenges for the kids. Covers all sorts of situations, like waiting in restaurants, car and train journeys, parks, sleepovers, parties etc. I got it when Alexander was very small (under a year) but it is coming into its own now that he is at primary school, and the ideas should certainly last all the way to secondary (and beyond, some of it I've tried with groups of adults). View all my…
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