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Book review – Strategy Bites Back by Henry Mintzberg

Strategy Bites Back: It Is A Lot More, And Less, Than You Ever Imagined by Henry Mintzberg My rating: 5 of 5 stars I read this as pre-reading before studying Strategy with the Open University. It was very clear and easy to read, explained things ownderfully, made me laugh in places, and was genuinely useful in getting my head round what strategy actually is. The book is a series of short articles, put into language most people can read rather than the drier academic style or cringeworthy business speak that these sort of books are often written in. This is a plain english text that works. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand strategy, read this before trying anything else (and as a second reading I would go for Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why…
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Book Review – Good Strategy, Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

If you have to read about strategy this is a very good place to start your understanding of strategy. I've got several years of experience in government doing strategy and I've studied it academically as well. So I'm applying a wide evidence base, and this is a good book about strategy. This is the first book that I've seriously highlighted, mainly because it struck a chord with me and seemed to be full of sensible advice about the characteristics of both good and bad strategy. I can see myself using some of the content at work to help me and my colleagues develop better strategies and avoid some of the pitfalls. Unlike a lot of the strategy books I have read this one is intended for a wide audience and has very readable language (some of the academic works disappear…
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Strategy Study Notes

I am currently (Aug 2011) studying module B301 "Making Sense of Strategy" with the Open University. This is a final year (third year, level 3) undergraduate module which forms a core part of their BA in Business Studies. I have an exam in mid-October 2011, so I thought that rather than use index cards (as I did when I did my at the University of Glasgow (1989-1992)) I would stick all the core ideas and other facts to cram for the exam into some wiki pages, which I could then edit and refine much more easily. Also I will probably then convert all it into something easily printable to re-read as many times as possible prior to the exam. So here  are my Strategy Study Notes. Related articles Library Services Open Day - Thursday 11th August 2011 " University of Glasgow Library () Stakeholder Management…
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Making Sense of Strategy (Open University B301)

I've just started an Open University course (B301) titled "Making Sense of Strategy" in an attempt to show that I understand the theory as well as having practical experience of developing Strategy. The latter is a matter of record (on my CV at any rate). Mostly I've done it using central government's policy perspective, which isn't terribly good at acknowledging various academic theories. I've also got a strong pragmatic streak, so I've never really held much stock by other people's formal methods. Nevertheless Making Sense of Strategy will marry up my practice with the theory. Making Sense of Strategy What my experience does is make me highly sceptical of the various models being held up. That is probably a good thing. Making Sense of Strategy is mostly about making people think for themself. While still showing that we understand the competing theories. I've been looking at…
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How to Increase Your Amazon Marketability [guest post]

Laptop (image: ) How to Increase Your Amazon Marketability It’s no secret that Amazon is a great place to sell nearly anything. The platform alone accounts for nearly half of all e-commerce sales in the United States. But such a crowded marketplace also means that you’ll face stiff competition in nearly every sector. In 2014 alone, there were more than 2 billion items sold on the Amazon Marketplace. To succeed in such a tough environment, you need to take advantage of every possible opportunity. Writers have focused on everything from images to copy to marketing tactics, but it’s also important to capitalize in all situations. Just like Facebook advertising firms look to optimize campaigns and entice users through various strategies, so must Amazon vendors. These quick tips will give you an edge and have a significant impact on your bottom…
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