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Themself Giveaway – 100 ebooks via Goodreads

As an experiment I'm running a Themself giveaway using the new e-book  giveaway service on Goodreads. This is only available to people with Kindles registered with so do please share it with people you know living in North America. Also my apologies for not making the Themself giveaway available in the UK. I'll run a UK giveaway in the comments section below. If you want an e-book version leave me a comment before 21 March and I'll email you the e-book in return for an honest review.   100 e-book copies of Themself are available between now and the 21st March for users using the link above (or the button below). Themself Giveaway Themself is a collection of contemporary fiction, poetry and life writing reflecting on James Kemp's life experiences as a part-time student, father, cub scout leader, school governor…
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Reviews are King – Book Marketing Pt.2

Reviews are king. Books with good reviews sell way more copies than those that haven't. Even when you do a free giveaway more people will download a book with positive reviews than the same one with none. (See my A/B testing post). Getting Reviews You don't want to rely on people who buy your book leaving reviews. There are two reasons why not. Without reviews you won't sell many copies Very few people review products (compared to the numbers that download/buy it) So you need to do some research. Google book review sites for the genres you think your book is a reasonable match for. Read the reviews of books you've read and see whether you think they might like your book. (You have read other books in the genre you're writing in? If not go do so immediately, you must understand…
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Author Interview – Samantha Bryant

This week's interview is with Samantha Bryant. Her new novel, Going Through the Change, is available on pre-order and will be released on 23rd April. It's a superhero novel with a twist. How long have you been writing for and what made you start writing? I’ve always written, starting with little stories and poems as a child. It probably grew from a general love of words and stories. I just get this feeling, I describe as “itchy fingers” and I have to create something out of words. I get darn grumpy when I want to write and can’t. I’ve been taking it seriously for about two years now. When I was getting ready to turn 42, I had a little talk with myself and we agreed that it was time to try this in earnest or just let it go. That’s when…
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Book Review – Far Orbit compiled by Bascomb James

Far Orbit: Speculative Space Adventures by Bascomb James My rating: 4 of 5 stars This modern science fiction anthology is in the classic style, with a positive feel and no dystopias, at least not in a grim pass the razor blades sort of way. I really enjoyed the collection and there are authors in there that I need to go and see what else they've written. I bought this anthology because I am thinking about submitting stories for publication, and I saw an article that there would be a follow-up anthology called Apogee from the same anthologist. Also I like reading science fiction, and short stories are easier to read when I'm studying (and I'm in the middle of B203, which is a real monster). Having read the anthology I was inspired, I've outlined a story and written a couple of thousand words towards…
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Perfects serialised

Perfects, the first part of the Exodus Series, will be serialised every Friday and Tuesday for the next few weeks. However if you can't wait that long then you can always acquire a free copy of Perfects  from smashwords, or spend 99p on a version for the kindle edition of Perfects from Amazon. Here's the current blurb for the book to remind you what it is all about. Perfects by James Kemp Charlie is in his early 20s and has been campaigning for civil rights for those who have been genetically modified, curing hereditary conditions. His experiences have driven him to a life of organised crime because being genetically perfect he cannot use his talents legitimately. Unlike most criminals his motivation is to benefit others. He is trafficking people out of the country to safety. Into Charlie’s life comes Pandora, a…
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