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Megagame: Iron Dice – Turn 7

29 Sept to 4th October 1914. Iron Dice Umpire map at 14:04 (Turn 7) BEF Report to the War Office Some more confusion, Germans frontline is from the Marsh area (Dixmuiden) to the South, direction Arras (which the Germans appear to have abandoned?) which means that the British advanced somehow without orders to do so. It seems that a change in warfare is taking place, the first trench lines are appearing. Team Control Gloss The Germans went firm and started to entrench in front of the British, with more active operations in South East Belgium where the French made a counter-attack and cut off the Western Belgium-France area from railway communications with Germany. This meant that the Germans were unable to advance this turn. In tandem the British set their cavalry to screen the flank, and being cavalry they found…
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Megagame: Iron Dice – Turn 6

The last full week in September 1914. Turn 6 Umpire Map BEF Report to the War Office 30th September 2014 While taking the new positions, the BEF was attacked by the Germans, Arras was lost but the German casualties were high. British right flank doesn't have contact with the French. On the political point, the Belgiums requested to the Royal navy to move their toops by sea to Ostend. However, this would bring the BEF in a difficult position again, due to the fact that this would create a gap between BEF's left flank and the sea. BEF 's base is at Rouen, BEF HQ at Neufchatel en Bray, BEF Railhead at Grandvillers. We have a gap between Doullens and the North Sea due to the Belgians reluctancy to fill this gap. We request the British Goverment to put some…
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