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Slouching in the Undergrowth by Jack Swaab [Book Review]

Slouching in the Undergrowth: The Long Life of a Gunner Officer by Jack Swaab My rating: 4 of 5 stars I bought Slouching in the Undergrowth because I'd previously read and enjoyed Field of Fire, the author's wartime experiences. Slouching in the Undergrowth covers pretty much all of Jack Swaab's extraordinary life. Slouching in the Undergrowth There's a fair amount on his childhood, first in Sydenham and later at boarding school in the South West. Jack also tells us of his time as an undergraduate that doesn't flatter himself much. I guess when you get into your nineties you don't need to worry so much what people think of what you did as a callow teenager. There is some good social history on pre-WW2 Britain from the perspective of reasonably well to do children. You can see how experience in…
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Latest arrival

I got a review copy of Al Murray's book Watching War Films With My Dad in the post yesterday. It arrived just as I was thinking about what to read next. A quick look at the chapter headings convinced me that this needed to be next on my read list. The blurb sold me on reading it sometime. Al's interests seem to match mine, he grew up about the same time I did and we share war movies, action man and airfix kits as childhood experiences. So my apologies if there is a gap in my blog posts. It will be because I am reading Al Related articles Al Murray: watching war films with my Dad Watching War Films With My Dad, by Al Murray 'Watching War Films with my Dad'
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