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Remember to Vote Today!

Polling station sign, London. UK general election (and local council elections), 6 May 2010. This sign was outside a polling station (normally a primary school) in Camberwell, London SE5. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today is polling day, everyone in the UK who is eligible ought to be voting. Do please go to the polling station if you've not yet sent in a postal vote. Go early if you can. The polling stations open at 07:30 in most places and stay open until 10pm. If you haven't already decided which way to vote there's still time, and if you've decided you don't like any of them then at least go and register your protest. This could be by voting for your second choice so that the majority in an otherwise safe seat is kept low, or by spoiling your vote. Failing that…
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How to Properly Spoil Your Vote

How to Properly Spoil Your Vote What if I don't like any candidate? You might be one of the many people that doesn't like the main parties, and none of the other candidates standing in your area represent your views either. There are several things you can do. 1. Stand for election yourself (or help someone else to run) 2. Vote Tactically 3. Spoil your vote by writing on the¬†ballot paper Spoil Your Vote¬†Properly When it comes down to it and you realise that you really cannot commit to any candidate. Don't be disheartened. Do go to the polling station. Deliberately spoil your vote. Be Deliberate There is received wisdom that most ballot papers are spoiled accidentally. Personally I've spoiled a number of ballot papers and none of them has been accidental. So if you decide to spoil your vote…
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