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T317 Survey – Innovation in Government Services

I need to conduct some primary research as part of the final innovation project for T317 (Innovation: Designing for Change), so here is my T317 Survey. The purpose of my T317 Survey is to ask a few questions about the sort of government services people use and whether or not they would find it desirable to be able to have their birth or marriage details checked online. T317 Project Historical marriage certificate, not digital!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia) My project for T317 is an online verification service for birth and marriage details. It would take the place of having to send in a birth certificate or marriage certificate when you apply for a passport, child benefit or some other government service that needs to verify your name or date of birth. It wouldn't work for everyone, just those born/married in the…
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A Daughter!

Earlier today, we went on a family trip to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard with one of Alexander's friends. We managed an early start, and were there for the place opening at 10am. The morning was spent in Action Stations, an interactive play area with lots of simulators and things to do. The kids loved it, and so did I (although I don't think I'll qualify to fly Merlin helicopters). Tracy even managed to have a go on some of it. After lunch (about 1230) we decided to go and see HMS Victory, Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar. On the way round Tracy mentioned that she'd felt something strange inside her, but wasn't sure what it was. I waited with the kids at the bottom of the gangway onto HMS Victory while Tracy went to the toilet. After a…
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