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7/7 London Bombings Remembered Ten years on

Ten years ago the last successful terrorist spectacular was about to happen in London. 52 people were murdered by suicide bombers in one of the worst terrorist attacks in mainland Britain. Thankfully the repeat attempt a fortnight later didn't work, nor did the attempted car bombing at Glasgow airport. All the other attempts in the UK have been much lower key and, barring the murder of Drummer Rigby, not successful. That said British people have been killed overseas, last week's tragedy in Tunisia being a terrible example of the willingness of extremists to go for soft targets. English: A typical "new-look" London fire engine. The new type of fire appliance used by London Fire Brigade is smaller than it's predecessors to enable it to negotiate heavy London traffic more easily. With "FIRE" in mirror writing ("ERIF"). (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The…
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7th July – A Year after the Bombs

Well I'm sitting in exactly the same place as I was this time last year when I heard about the bombings, which is in my office in Central London. I had expected it to be a bit quieter on the way in this morning, but it isn't noticeably so, although it is still really too early to tell. Usually I get in before the bulk of people in my office. Fridays are also usually a bit quieter especially when the weather is a bit nicer. I hope that today will be a quiet day of remembrance rather than some extremists trying to hit again in the same spot for more carnage. We'll know soon enough.
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