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Zombie Stories Breaking my Suspension of Disbelief

I've been reading zombie stories recently and enjoying them, Max Brooks World War Z for a second time and Frank Tayell's Surviving the Evacuation series (1-3 so far). However, there are a number of things though that I find it hard to keep my disbelief suspended in. Zombie Stories So I completely understand that zombie stories aren't about the hard science, or even about zombies. They're underlying tales of the human struggle with death. We also like the post apocalyptic survival thing. Who doesn't think they could break the rules and survive when society breaks down? It's a cool escapist fantasy, and there are hordes of zombie movies and books out there that pander to it. Zombie Pandemic English: The Spanish Influenza. Chart showing mortality from the 1918 influenza pandemic in the US and Europe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Pandemics happen.…
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Themself – now available on kindle

Today is publication day for my latest book Themself - Confessions of an open university creative writing student. As the sub-title suggests it is about my experience of studying creative writing with the OU. Although Themself goes further than that and includes the things I've learnt from my experience of writing, studying and self publishing. Themself - Confessions of an open university creative writing student You'll find some of the content in Themself here on the blog, but only about half of it. You'll also find that I've edited it since I first published it on the blog. Although I've tried hard to keep to the original character of the contemporary blog posts about how I was feeling. The bits I've updated are where I'm summarising what I've learnt. There is also a lot of new material. All of the stories and poems…
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Book Review – Romps, Tots and Boffins by Robert Hutton

Romps, Tots and Boffins: The Strange Language of News by Robert Hutton My rating: 4 of 5 stars A really interesting commentary/dictionary on the language used by journalists. Well worth reading. The chapters are themed, Politics, Sex, Death etc. and after a little introductory bit there are then a set of definitions for each of the terms. As well as being informative there is also a sense of humour to it and several of the entries made me chuckle out loud as I read them. Definitely worth a read if you have an interest in language. View all my reviews Related articles Romps, Tots and Boffins by Robert Hutton (@RobDotHutton) for £! @eandtbooks #Amazon UK Kindle Nonfiction Daily Deal! The Word on the Sheet Lauren Collins: A guide to the language of news. Boffin lifts the lid on journalese: A…
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Hunting Nazis – Commentary on writing the story

I've written a short story titled Hunting Nazis for the End of Module Assessment (EMA) for A215 Creative Writing. The target word count was 2,500 with an upper limit of +10%. The first draft weighed in at 5k words, double the target length. However some of this was because although I plotted it I needed to tell myself the story in the first draft. Once I got to the end it was much easier to re-edit and take out some of it. Hunting Nazis The central premise is that Reggie and Dot (from the earlier story Planting the Past) have been hunting down nazis guilty of war crimes against the members of the French resistance and SOE agents supporting the network that they were both part of during World War Two. The story takes place in Berlin in 1953 when they are tying…
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