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Mintzberg’s 5Ps & Whittington’s 3Ps

I noticed that a number of the people visiting my blog are looking for strategy material. So I've trawled my unpublished archives and have put together some short posts on strategy topics. Here's one on looking to explain two ways of defining strategy. Mintzberg's 5Ps and Whittington's 3Ps. The main thing to bear in mind, with both Mintzberg's 5Ps & Whittington's 3Ps, is that they're not a process tool for producing strategies. However, they are both excellent tools for analysing and evaluating strategies. That is definitely worth doing if you have to devise strategy. Before you release a strategy you need to robustly take it apart to ensure that it is fit for purpose. If you find it weak then it isn't yet ready for prime time. Mintzberg's 5Ps Henry Mintzberg has described five ways of looking at strategy as plan, ploy, pattern, position and…
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Imperfect – Scene 01 – Realisation

Imperfect Realisation I collected what I needed for my trip to see the place that I was born, and having psyched myself up for the trip I left the house. Almost as soon as I did I saw Rosie coming towards me at a very rapid walking pace and with a serious determined look on her face. She was only about ten feet away when I noticed her. "Hi, Rosie!" I cheerily greeted her. "Back inside. Quickly!" she replied, grabbing and spinning me round as she got to me without slowing down. As soon as we were inside Rosie apologised for handling me, "Look, I'm sorry about being rough on you, but it's important that we stick together for a bit. Have you seen Charlie or Cat recently?" "I haven't seen Charlie since yesterday morning, nor Cat since about tea-time yesterday.…
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