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Book Review – Engines of Extinction (episode 1) by Chris Martin

Engines of Extinction: Episode I - The End & The Means by Chris Martin My rating: 4 of 5 stars Chris Martin has spent a lot of time with Special Forces soldiers writing about their exploits, and that shows with this work of fiction. The primary character, written in a first person epistolary format, is a former special forces operator who has got in too deep and regrets it. The setting and character is completely believable, there is a life story narrative for a chunk of the story as the narrator tries to establish enough bona fides for us to believe the story he wishes to leak. Being the first in a series the whole story isn't played out, there are clearly more parts to come and this is an excellent hook to get us interested and paint the scene.…
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Author Interview – Chris Martin

This week's author interview is with Chris Martin. He is a long-time journalist (specialising in motorcycle racing and special operations), he's currently working on a very grounded military science fiction episodic series titled Engines of Extinction. How long have you been writing for and what made you start writing? I actually started a website about World Superbike racing in the late '90s while still in college. I knew I wanted to get my foot in the door in motorcycle racing, and I saw an opportunity to do so in that way. I guess I figured the site needed content and somebody had to supply that, so I just kind of took on the bulk of the writing myself. The site filled a void and proved to be quite popular. Before long I had professional journalists and photographers from all over the globe volunteering their…
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