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EZICASH by Ian Thompson [Book Review]

Ezicash: How to Usurp a Totalitarian Behemoth with a Monkey Wrench by Ian Thompson My rating: 4 of 5 stars I laughed out loud reading this. EZICASH is a really good satire of health and safety culture and where it could go. Like the best comedy it makes you think, and reminds you how modern life can veer off track from what is really important.   Review of EZICASH by Ian Thompson EZICASH is set a couple of decades in the future. The world has divided into those that take safety and health seriously, and those outside their safe bubbles. DOSH-UK-1 is a huge domed town near Milton Keynes. All its inhabitants live in houses rated for safety and wear high visibility protective clothing at all times. Rubber covers the pavements and roads and speed is limited to 5mph. Running violates safety…
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The Atrocity Archives

A friend put me onto this book, saying that he was sure I'd like it. So I sneaked a copy of Charles Stross's The Atrocity Archives into one of my orders of Christmas presents. My only regret is that I didn't know about these stories before. Charles Stross has taken some lovecraftian horror, added geekery and then put it into a British civil service context for the conspiracy cover-up, although it is much more a case of hiding the cock ups as on a low The basic premise is that magic is just about doing mathematics, which makes using computers a serious occult capability. It sort of puts the sysadmin up there with sorcery, which given the jokes about getting SCSI to work needing black candles and a blood sacrifice makes some sort of sense. I certainly could identify a…
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