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Company Training by Gen. Haking

When in Southport last week I found an antiquarian bookshop in a very small gap between two other shops. It was very much like the fabled 'magic' shops that when you go back to it isn't there. (Although I hope it is if I get a chance to go back, it had a fantastic collection of books, archaeological artefacts and sea shells!) I bought three books from there, but the one that intrigued me most was 'Company Training' by Brig-Gen R. C. B. Haking, , which looked like it had spent some considerable time in the pocket of someone engaged in using it (complete with underlined passages in pencil in places). I'm a sucker for infantry training manuals and this one was pretty cheap because of the battered nature of the cover (although internally it was fine, personally I view the…
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Preparing For War – Onside Report

British evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I had a design session titled 'Preparing for War' at the CLWG November meeting. Preparing for War was about training an infantry company in the UK after Dunkirk. Rather than a conversational design session I decided to try and do something that was playable. I'd been somewhat frustrated at the conference with discussions of games that looked like they could have been played. I'd felt that perhaps by playing it we could have tested whether or not the perceived problems were actually real. Preparing for War I ran a sort of role-playing game about re-constructing an infantry company after the evacuation from Dunkirk. John Rutherford was the first person to arrive (after me).  So I cast him as the first officer to report to the village in Devon I'd decided to put the company in. Chosen only because the OS map…
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