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Hello, Hullo, Hallo [Poetry]

My daughter's writing challenge from school was to write a poem where the first word was Hello. I figured it might be fun to do this myself while she was doing it. So I wrote a villanelle inspired by both the challenge and by our current situation of keeping our social distance. This is a short poem about not being able to see the people that you love. Although I am in the house with the people that I love, I just felt it made the poem work better if the stanzas alternated like a conversation between people that were separated lovers. When reading it imagine each stanza being an exchange between two characters. The first two as a pair, then alternate until the last two are paired. No matter how much you miss people, follow the government advice for…
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Modelling Covid-19 or How Long will lockdown last?

The other day I went looking for all the open source data on Covid-19 in the UK so that I could do some modelling on when the peak was likely to be reached and, by inference, when we might hope to be able to resume normal activities. When Will Lockdown End? I'll start with this, and you can ignore the caveats on why it's nonsense (which is what always happens with mathematic models). If the assumptions are accurate (I can guarantee that they're not), then by the end of July about 3 million people will have been infected and the first peak will have run its course. (See the graph below). If we're lucky August will be party season! Daily confirmed ( hospitalised) cases of Covid-19 and expected deaths over the next few months. Note that this is non-cumulative, but…
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