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Performance Objectives – Public Sector

Performance Objectives - Public Sector Slack et al. identify five generic performance objectives: quality speed dependability flexibility cost These generic performance objectives are explained below. There are public sector examples to help illustrate them. Quality Quality is about consistent performance. This could be meeting a product specification or about providing a superior service.  In the public sector, it could be how many decisions get appealed. Or the number of letters re-drafted before being sent. Externally Quality increases customer satisfaction. Excellent services for the citizen should  drive public services. Internally Quality reduces costs and increases dependability. Measurement Customer satisfaction surveys where there is a direct service to the public. Internal metrics ( redrafts or errors recorded on a case management system). Speed Speed is about minimising the time lag between a customer request and its fulfilment. This could be the time taken to reply to correspondence, or…
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You Cannot E-mail HMRC?

I was somewhat surprised tonight to discover that HMRC apparently refuse e-mails from members of the public (AKA customers) with tax enquiries. This was started because I got a coding notice (dated 21 February 2011)  that said I owed some back tax from a previous year. They claimed to have told me about this already, but I didn't recall that, and since I'm on PAYE (with a Govt Dept) I believe I've paid the correct tax for my entire career. If anything I may have overpaid because my charitable contributions won't have been taken into account (a modest amount though). Anyway, I used a bit of know-how and after the first obvious e-mail addresses bounced (enquiries@)  I then wrote to postmaster@ (the address the bounce came from) and it also bounced. So, being aware of the pan-government standard for personal…
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