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World Book Day 2015

Tomorrow is World Book Day 2015 and in response to a query as part of the World Book Day campaign, I’ve been asked by MVC to tell my personal story of how literature and books changed my life, and what inspired you to start blogging about literature. Early Reading Like most people I've been reading since I was about four years old. I can't be sure when I fell in love with reading, I was very young. Two books stick out though, because they lived in my primary school bag and were re-read until they literally fell apart. The Facts Factory by Gyles Brandreth was a compilation of esoteric statistics and stuff that appealed to the small boy that was me aged about 8. The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier was the other. It told the story of a Polish boy and his…
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Reader Perspectives

Following on from my review of Rayne Hall's book about ways to increase your book sales I thought I might spend a few minutes reflecting on how I, as a reader, find new books to read. What do I read? You can see the details over on my Goodreads shelf, my 2014 Challenge was to read 50 books this year (numerically slightly down on last year, but 12 parts of John Scalzi's Human Division counted as 12 on goodreads when it was really just a single serialised novel (and I really enjoyed it). So my reading is divided into three broad categories, I read easy fiction for escape and enjoyment, histories for a better understanding of why and how we got here, and course related material for the Open University degree that I am doing. Typically the heavier the degree module…
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