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Disneyland Paris Experience at Half Term Feb 2017

This week's blog post is slight late because I spent the first five days of this week at Disneyland Paris. It was a tiring holiday, but my kids seriously enjoyed Disneyland Paris, so it was worth doing. We've had a fab time, although Disneyland Paris was a bit busier than I'd expected at February half-term. Some of this was because a lot of the bigger rides were closed for refurbishment over the winter. So more people were trying to get on the rides that were still open. Star Wars at Disneyland Paris I think the highlight of the week was probably Alexander doing the Jedi Academy. Disneyland Paris is getting a Star Wars themed makeover, two of the big rides are being re-vamped to bring them up to date with the Star Wars franchise (Star Tours and Space Mountain). There are…
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Film Review – Big Hero 6

I was a little bemused when I went to see this at the weekend as I was sure that there hadn't been five preceeding This is Disney's latest animation and it is pitched at older kids. Frozen worked well with toddlers and preschool children but this one wants the 8-14 age group. For a start it is a bit darker than Frozen and it doesn't have singing. The death of the parents in Frozen is very tastefully done in the way that the ship just sort of disappears. After that there is little to remind you of their death once the movie skips forwards.  In Big Hero 6, Hiro's older brother runs into a burning building which then erupts in a fireball explosion. There are several other references to the death at points in the movie, including attempts by BayMax…
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Book Review – Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Grimm's Fairy Stories by Jacob Grimm My rating: 3 of 5 stars Interesting to see the originals that Disney worked their magic on. There's a similarity across some of the stories where you can see that perhaps they are mutated versions of the same original that have morphed as they were told. Also there are a number of fairy stories that I hadn't heard before, them not having quite entered popular consciousness where I grew up. Possibly some of these would be the kernel of some good stories, Grimm's style is very much tell and no show. That suits the sort of morality tales these are, intended for someone to simply recount them at bedtime or round the fire or dinner table. They've come from an oral tradition, and anything taking longer to tell than 10 to 20 minutes would…
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