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Bolsover Castle Under Siege

   English: Bolsover Castle, 17th century Model of Bolsover Castle, as it may have looked in the late 1600's. License on Flickr (2011-02-18):  (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I spent the weekend laying siege to Bolsover Castle as part of the 17th century Army of Parliament. It was a lot of fun, and quite a busy couple of days. The best bit though was definitely seeing lots of old friends again. Bolsover Castle event Shortly after the battle of Marston Moor in July 1644 Bolsover Castle was attacked by the Army of Parliament under Major General Crawford. We were re-enacting that over the weekend. With a mixed group of the Fairfax Battalia and the Sealed Knot we put on a creditable show. There were three regiments present (about a company's worth of soldiers in each). The Earl of Newcastle's regiment from the…
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Charles Darwin’s House

Charles Darwin's study (Photo credit: greencoatboy) Today I visited Down House, the home of Charles Darwin. It was an amazing visit. Before I went I was a little worried that it was going to be a bit boring for the kids, and that the youngest (a mere 16 months old) was going to be real trouble. However it was fantastic. The house had a room upstairs converted for kids to play with stuff, including replicas of the sorts of toys rich middle class Victorian kids would have played with. The little one really liked the toy bugs, running about in the garden and trying to play with the exhibits (a number of which were OK for touching). The case of South American birds on the upstairs landing also went down well with both of them. My older kid really got…
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