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Failure is the Foundation for Success

Our culture fears failure more than anything else. We talk about failure less than we talk about death, even though failures are way more common than fatalities. If we are honest with ourselves we know that there are many things we do wrong in our lives. Most of them are inconsequential, although a handful have lasting consequences. Failure is good At work I've learnt the true value of embracing failure. I tell my team that I expect them to fail. I do this not to undermine their confidence, but to build it. Sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? I don't mind if you fail, as long as it is a novel and interesting failure. That's the core quote I give my team, they'd all recognise those exact words. My gloss is that the only way to avoid failure is not to do…
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Lessons in Leadership from Andrew Strauss

Andrew Strauss being interviewed 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I was lucky enough to hear Andrew Strauss speak about the lessons in leadership he has learnt as a cricket captain and then as Director of Cricket England. Andrew Strauss has led the England cricket team to win the ashes three times. Twice as Captain and once as the Director. Andrew Strauss's lessons in leadership chimed enough with me to make notes. I think everyone could benefit from them. Here is my summary of those lessons in leadership, minus the cricketing examples. Lessons in Leadership People are the most important thing, and you need to focus on them don't let other people do the dirty work, if you are giving bad news then you need to look people in the eye when you do. Everyone has their own perspective, and they all take…
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My top Camp Bestival Lessons 2015

I went to Camp Bestival for the first time last weekend. My wife and kids were with me (a nine year old and a three year old). We had an awesome weekend and really enjoyed ourselves. However, we barely touched the edges of what was possible. So here are my top Camp Bestival lessons and ideas for next year. Camp Bestival is Huge A really obvious Camp Bestival lesson is that it is huge.  I mean physically as well as the acts. Our camping space was about half a mile from where we had to park the car, and it was a ten minute walk (admittedly at toddler speed) from the closest part of the festival. There were literally thousands and thousands of tents, each with several people in them. The Green 2 car park had well over a thousand cars…
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