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First Mission ANDR12 [Short Story]

First Mission ANDR12 is a near future speculative fiction short story about the first mission of the Autonomous Networked Dynamic-learning Robots, or ANDRs for short. First Mission is set an unspecified time a decade or two into the future and in a generic counterinsurgency in an unspecified African country, somewhere in the greener belt between Sierra Leone and Kenya. I've written a bit more about the background to the ANDR featured in First Mission over on my military focused blog Hot Blood & Cold Steel. NB this is a first draft, there may be typos, inconsistencies and bits that don't really help the narrative. If you are feeling generous please call them out in a comment and I'll use that when I edit the story. Otherwise, please enjoy. First Mission ANDR12 A Royal Air Force Merlin HC3A helicopter during a…
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Mid 21st Century Policing

English: Metropolitan Police officers on patrol in London's Trafalgar Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I've been thinking about how policing in the UK might evolve over the next few decades. This is a combination of evaluating the background I've done for Perfects and also looking at perhaps running some more near future police roleplaying over the summer. I'm going to pick an arbitrary date of 2040, 25 years in the future. One thing I'm sure won't change is the concept of policing by consent. It's a fundamental plank of how we do things in Britain, and we know that it works. Other things that I think are given are budget pressures (the perennial more with less cry) the adoption of new technology to transform how policing happens visible policing with people on the ground So it's an evolution of traditional policing…
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