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To the Brink of Death (part 1 – becoming unwell)

I am back from the brink of death thanks to the heroes of the NHS who pumped me full of industrial quantities of antibiotics and other drugs when I felt unwell last week. This time last week I was in hospital, overnight on Wednesday I was so ill that if it hadn't been for the medical intervention there is a high chance that I could have died. My temperature was over 40C and my heart rate was over 120. My blood pressure was really low. I got IV fluids, oxygen and antibiotics injected into me. However that's not where the story starts, and we should start at the beginning. Demolition Job The old shed in the aftermath of demolition and its contents (photo: James Kemp) On Monday afternoon my wife and I set to demolishing our old hut. This was…
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How to Fix the National Health Service

The National Health Service English: graph of female vs. male life expectancy at birth in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The National Health Service is one of Britain's institutions, it employs over a million people and a third of us come into contact with it each year. Many of us owe our lives to its very existence. Formed in the wake of the second world war it was intended to ensure that no-one ever died in the UK of preventable or curable conditions. It improved infant mortality to the point that we are shocked when children die, before WW2 it was a fact of life. Most working class families before the NHS lost children of things that we can treat. You only need to do a little genealogy for proof. The NHS is a primary cause of rising life expectancy since…
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