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Burning to Leave [Flash Fiction]

English: A houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Burning to Leave is the second round of the NYC Flash Fiction Challenge 2017. My challenge was to write a drama set on a houseboat and featuring a birthday candle. Burning to Leave is a two meaning title, see if you can work out what they are when you've read it! Burning to Leave The breeze blew the curtain, chilling the houseboat pleasantly after the daytime heat. It was cloudless with a bright full moon. Green candy-striped birthday candles fell from the packet onto the sill, one bounced into the water. Cory bowed his head to pray. After a moment he lit a birthday candle and let wax drip onto the metal sill before setting the candle down. Cory crossed the houseboat in three strides, knelt to…
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Down The Harbour [Flash Fiction] [Harwood]

Down The Harbour is a flash fiction sequel to Rounds which was written for my Open University Creative Writing course. Rounds was also included in my book Themself. Down The Harbour was written for the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2017. The challenge was to write 1,000 word romance set in a harbour with a bandage in the story.  The Challenge gives you 48 hours, but I was at cub camp that weekend and it left me only a couple of hours of writing time to get in a 1,000 word story that met the requirements. Here's a slightly edited version of the story. Down The Harbour Alice swore softly under her breath and threw bandages from the delivery into the store cupboard. None of the midwifery supplies she'd ordered had arrived. It wasn't one of her better days. She'd promised to get Dianne a date with Ed,…
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