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More on 21st Century Policing

Police Technology Greater Manchester Police officers in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last week I wrote about some general trends in the future of policing and touched a little on the use of drones to help enforcemnet and make it easier for the police to catch fleeing criminals. This week I'm going to look at some of the personal kit that police officers are likely to come equipped with as standard. First some key assumptions stupid criminals will still try to stab/shoot/injure police officers, so armour is here to stay British policing by consent will require our police to have faces, to interact with the public and to walk the beat in busy public places Regulations on evidence will remain, possibly updated in light of new technology and possibilities (although the fact that PACE has lasted thirty years…
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Mid 21st Century Policing

English: Metropolitan Police officers on patrol in London's Trafalgar Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I've been thinking about how policing in the UK might evolve over the next few decades. This is a combination of evaluating the background I've done for Perfects and also looking at perhaps running some more near future police roleplaying over the summer. I'm going to pick an arbitrary date of 2040, 25 years in the future. One thing I'm sure won't change is the concept of policing by consent. It's a fundamental plank of how we do things in Britain, and we know that it works. Other things that I think are given are budget pressures (the perennial more with less cry) the adoption of new technology to transform how policing happens visible policing with people on the ground So it's an evolution of traditional policing…
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Book Review – Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch

Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch My rating: 5 of 5 stars A change in direction for the Peter Grant series. Peter's out of London and without his mentor Nightingale. As well as this the story is one of two missing children, which adds an urgency to the pace of events. As you'd expect there is a strong supernatural element to the story, with an interesting twist in it. Only Peter and Beverley Brook really feature through the story, Nightingale bookends it and there is minor contact with Dr Walid at one point. All the rest of the characters are locals from West Mercia. Out on his own Peter develops as a character. He's a lot more self-reliant and capable, he doesn't have any magical backup so deals with what he finds himself. The background is also expanded a bit, Peter…
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Imperfect – Scene 05 – Questions

Imperfect Questions I stuck to the script when they interrogated me, and it seemed to be working. However they weren’t just going to let me go, they needed to verify it. My legend was quite detailed, but then I’d had three years to put it into place, and I’d also invested several hours a week during term time in putting it into practice, not to mention the reading time and writing the essays to maintain it. I had always felt that it would be worth it someday, and now that was looking like the proverbial rainy day that I had been saving it all up for. DC Fletcher came back into the room, she’d been away for three hours and 17 minutes. Having the terminal let me keep track of time, even if it couldn’t make it to the outside…
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Imperfect – Scene 04 – Recce

Imperfect Recce Rosie and I found Cat at the studio where they both worked, she was still at work editing some of last night’s footage before narrow casting it to the subscription channels they contributed content to. Cat was surprised to see us both together, but offered us some coffee from the filter machine on the kitchen counter. I made some more coffee while Rosie filled in Cat on what we knew so far. The studio was an only very slightly converted two bedroom flat. The kitchen served as the main editing suite, as well as sometimes being used for making cookery videos. The sitting room had been converted into a couple of different sorts of studio. Depending on the camera angle you could do a talk show with the sofa, a talking head shot close on the presenter, an…
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