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New Bookshelf – Bookshelves Abound = #Shelfie 06

The Bookshelves Abound series continues with the New¬†Bookshelf. This one of the five bookshelves on the upstairs landing. It sits between the Academic Bookshelf and my Writer's Bookshelf. New Bookshelf the new bookshelf, where the new (to me) books go awaiting their turn to be read (or shelved elsewhere). The New Bookshelf is where I put all my new books when I first acquire them. It's perhaps the most overloaded Games The top two shelves of the new bookshelf has board games on it. Some of these are very old, I started playing Panzer Blitz & Panzer Leader when I was at university (1989-92). Most of the others have been acquired in 1990s, although there are some recent acquisitions, notably Shogun and Settlers of Catan. Periodicals There are two journals on these shelves. The one that you can see most…
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AD69: The Megagame of the Year of Four Emperors

This megagame was held in Eardley School, Streatham on Saturday 14th June all historians know, primary sources are often good for giving you an idea of what was going on, but are often biased by the perceptions of the people involved. For megagames this is even more so, since the players will have you believe that they personally triumphed over all the ;AD 69 is particularly prone to this phenomenon. To this end I collected the papers of Glitius Decianus, the Procurator of Belgica after the game. I also collected a number of papers from the ruins of the Senate including some of the letters from Fabius Fabullus the legate of Legio V, Alaudae and Defender of recovered papers are: About Glitius Decianus The Belgican Treasury accounts showing (the official version of) where all the money went to. Glitius Decianus' letters to Rome. These give a chronological account to…
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