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Scottish Independence – Staying Positive

I'm Scottish and I live in England. So I don't get a vote on Scotland becoming independent. I do get to express my opinion though. For most of my life I would describe myself as a proud Scot. The outcome on September 18th won't change that. What could is the negative campaigning, especially from the Yes camp. There is much to be proud of as a Scot and many reasons why Independence is  right for Scotland. However being negative about the English or Westminster isn't the right way to do it. Scots should be looking at what they can have, what they will be, not painting themselves as victims. I watched the Scotland Decides debate the other night. Alex Salmond came across as a Tartan Tory, a little Scotlander using the Daily Mail's play book and sticking a kilt on it. Darling…
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dark ages

Book Review – The Place-names of Scotland: A First Introduction by George Harris

The Place-names of Scotland: A First Introduction by George Harris My rating: 4 of 5 stars A very short introduction to where the place names of Scotland come from by George Harris, who is on twitter as This is a little tour around the peoples that lived in Scotland in the dark ages and a bit about the languages that they spoke. There are a few example etymologies of place names, but not a whole list of them, that would need to be a much longer work than this. I got this for free on an promotion, and it passed an entertaining half-hour one evening. View all my reviews Related articles Nae Gods, an' precious few heroes: no place for racism in the new Scotland Top Twenty scariest road names Crowdsourcing to Record Welsh Place Names  
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Mike Duff vs Macduff [Naming Crisis Point’s Main Character]

My mother, a recently retired teacher of High School English, has been reading my stories and asked me some interesting questions about why I named Mike Duff the main character in my first novella Crisis Point. She was interested in the parallels between Mike Duff and Shakespeare's Macduff. (more…)
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For Fuhrer and Fatherland: SS Murder and Mayhem in Wartime Britain

This was the first time I have read a prisoner of war story involving Germans as the POWs, apart from having read the official history of British Intelligence in WW2 (which only dealt with the captured German spies). I have, however read lots about the prisoners of the Germans. It was interesting that security in British camps seems to have been quite lax. Despite many apparently successful German breakouts there is only one well known instance of a German POW making a home run. This book comes across as having been well researched where it comes to its primary subject matter, although there is quite a lot of preamble with a summary of how WW2 went which is not as well researched as the main subject. This lets it down for those well versed in WW2 history. Once the preamble…
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