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Failure is the Foundation for Success

Our culture fears failure more than anything else. We talk about failure less than we talk about death, even though failures are way more common than fatalities. If we are honest with ourselves we know that there are many things we do wrong in our lives. Most of them are inconsequential, although a handful have lasting consequences. Failure is good At work I've learnt the true value of embracing failure. I tell my team that I expect them to fail. I do this not to undermine their confidence, but to build it. Sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? I don't mind if you fail, as long as it is a novel and interesting failure. That's the core quote I give my team, they'd all recognise those exact words. My gloss is that the only way to avoid failure is not to do…
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The Secret of Success or Snake Oil?

Clark Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment. Before 1920. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Secret of Success is offered on many pages across the Internet.¬† They're almost all snake oil salesmen trying to part you from your money with the temptation of an easy win. The real secret of success is nothing of the sort. Secret of Success I think that there are four elements to being successful. Here is the secret of success as I see it. work hard learn from failures perseverance get lucky Why should you believe me? You've never heard of me as a big shot. Well that would be fair. In my chosen career, as a public servant, I'm moderately successful. I'm in the top 2% of UK civil servants.¬† Not big enough for you have heard of, but successful enough to have worked out how the system…
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