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Perfects – Chapter 1 Charlie

CHAPTER ONE Charlie So much for a safe, just and tolerant society. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d woken up in 1984 and everyone was spouting newspeak. From where I sit it is very plain that the tolerance for differences is only lip service. We were supposed to be living in a fair and equal society where we embraced diversity and didn't discriminate for any reason. But it was just bullshit. I am one of many innocent victims of an unscrupulous company conducting genetic modification experiments on human embryos. They wanted to make kids 'perfect'. Free from genetic diseases, susceptibilities; and also, if they could manage it, clever and good looking. They knew they were breaking the law when they did it, but they did it anway to see what the outcomes were. I was one of those embryos, supposed…
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Perfects serialised

Perfects, the first part of the Exodus Series, will be serialised every Friday and Tuesday for the next few weeks. However if you can't wait that long then you can always acquire a free copy of Perfects  from smashwords, or spend 99p on a version for the kindle edition of Perfects from Amazon. Here's the current blurb for the book to remind you what it is all about. Perfects by James Kemp Charlie is in his early 20s and has been campaigning for civil rights for those who have been genetically modified, curing hereditary conditions. His experiences have driven him to a life of organised crime because being genetically perfect he cannot use his talents legitimately. Unlike most criminals his motivation is to benefit others. He is trafficking people out of the country to safety. Into Charlie’s life comes Pandora, a…
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Character Profile – Pandora Calypso

This is the second of the character profiles from the Exodus series. Meet Pandora Calypso, the second of the two main characters in the series. Pandora Calypso Pandora is another of the unknown number of Hephaestus children, a product of their genetic research. She was born to a surrogate mother (a Hephaestus employee) and raised in the care of Hephaestus in a children’s home in Cambridge full of other Hephaestus children. Until the scandal broke she was totally unaware that she was different from any other child. Being academically excellent and unwilling to simply accept received wisdom she was fast tracked for her citizenship examination. Once declared legally an adult (by passing the citizenship exam) she was left to fend for herself in a shared house in Cambridge. She got involved in Charlie's group that were smuggling genetically modified people…
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