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A215 On Reflective Commentaries

In finishing off TMA2 for the Open University A215 Creative Writing course I had a lightbulb moment. This was in response to some discussion on a student forum about how the marking didn't necessarily follow the quality of the submitted piece of writing. This was attributed to the subjectiveness of 'good' writing. Or rather, that it is hard to mark the qualitative aspects of stories, poetry etc on an absolute scale. Accepting that, and taking it from the university perspective. You need tutors to be consistent, and that leads to robust marking guidelines that are completely objective. This then avoids valid criticism and legal challenges that could be successful. Both of the last are a bad thing from an organisational perspective, especially a university. So what do you base these robustly objective marking guidelines on? The course materials. As a…
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NaNoWriMo – the end

So November is finished, although my draft novel isn't. I managed to write 44,463 words during November for it, which isn't quite the magic 50k needed to claim a win. see  for how my writing progress panned out. I really enjoyed this process and it wasn't as difficult as it first appeared. Some of it is helped by the regular pep talk broadcast mails it sends out, and also the stats counter tells you how many words you need to average every day that you have left to hit the magic 50k. However the pep talk mails give you a more human view of it, and I found them to be good encouragement to keep going. So why, with all that encouragement and sign posting, did I not manage to hit fifty thousand words? Well I nearly did, and this was…
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