Been a while since I last added an entry here. It’s been a busy time, both at work and at home.

Of late we’ve had the kitchen re-done, a potting shed installed and there will be a brand new patio starting next weekend.

was a good day at home with Alexander. We spent a considerable amount
of time playing trains and building a railway with his Thomas the Tank
Engine train set. He thoroughly enjoys it and has just started calling
the trains ‘choo choo’. Not his first word, but in the first dozen for

We also spent some time in the garden, me more than
him as I pottered about in the potting shed while he had an afternoon
nap. I got it reasonably sorted out for actually potting plants. Took
the seedling compost and small pots in there and settled in to plant
about a dozen pots with tomatoes and the same with peppers. All I need
to do now is wait and see how many actually take root.

Outside the shed I did some marking out for what will become a gravel path lined with old bricks.