My potting shed has gone an amazing shade of pink! Not quite what I expected when I started to paint it with the spray on “Maple Red
from Tesco. I hope that it darkens a fair bit as it dries out, and that
it comes off the windows too. All in all it was a good way to paint the
shed though, the spraying took about fifteen minutes all up to paint
the entire potting shed, it took me almost twice as long to do the bits
round the windows and then to wash the windows clean of the stuff.

Pruning & Planting

Earlier on in the garden I also managed to do a very late pruning of
the two apple trees and some pretty rough cutting back of the other
plants around the left1)
hand apple tree. The buds haven’t really started sprouting yet so I
don’t think that it will do them any harm having been left this long
before pruning.

I also rescued the seeds that Tracy planted in the potting shed. The
frosts we’re having at the moment had frozen the seed compost solid, so
I’ve taken them into the house and stuck them on the window sill in the
spare bedroom. No idea whether or not they will be OK, but mostly they
are a little earlier than the packet says so there will be time to give
them an opportunity to germinate in the warm and if nothing happens to
catch up again. In the pots there are:

  • peppers – worldbeater
  • tomatoes – tumbling tom and also moneymaker
  • sweet peas – unknown variety
  • chillis – some from a dried chilli I found in the potting shed from the crop two years ago.

as you look at it from the house