I got home this evening to find a barrier across the front door and a hole in the path between the drive and the door (I was able to get in because they’d helpfully laid the paving flags on the grass round the barriers).

Turns out the chaps replacing the gas mains couldn’t get in touch with us (they claimed) to tell us what they wanted to do, so they just dug the hole anyway. I am pretty unhappy at how this has been done (although I would have consented if anyone had bothered to ask). The drive is covered in mud and the hole isn’t that well protected given that I have an inquisitive four year old. Nothing I can do about it now, other than perhaps take a shovel and fill it in.

Not only that, there is also another hole at the bottom of the drive-way, which temporarily stopped Tracy being able to park in the drive, and I am sure that it will make it that wee bit harder to get in and out of the drive-way as it takes about a foot off the usable width.