Alexander and I had an afternoon out in the science museum, mostly in the basement playing with the boats in the water. We managed to get out just after 12, after a false start where we went back into the house to make sandwiches as I had misinterpretted Alexander’s wish to eat lunch in the museum cafe as meaning I was buying it when we got there.

A slow walk to the station, stopping a couple of times to watch the men digging up the roads and a lorry emptying a load of steaming tarmac back onto another filled in hole. We got the 12:41 into Victoria (changing at East Croydon) and then waited for a bus to South Ken as a small boy wanted a bus rather than the tube. We had an entertaining 10 minutes or so calling out bus numbers and speculating about where they were going (he does good guesses). Getting the bus was definitely a mistake though, it took ages to get there as the traffic was horrible. We were an hour from Victoria to the Science Museum, which is just hideous.

On the way out we stopped to look in the shop as we needed to buy a birthday present for one of Alexander’s friends who has his birthday party on Sunday. There was loads of stuff that looked really interesting, although most of it above the price bracket we were looking at (or very much cheaper). In the end we bought a packet of spacemen and a space shuttle, getting two of the latter as Alexander was keen on it for himself.

The way home was much busier as we were in prime rush hour (it being just after five). We still managed to watch the skating rink at the Natural History Museum and Alexander wanted to have another shot of skating. I think what persuaded him that he wanted to try it again was the small kids ice rink on the side of the big adult one. There was a group of girls a little older than him who were being given skating lessons. I may well need to book another trip.

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