I’ve set up another freebie weekend, so from midnight (Pacific Time) on Friday through to midnight on Monday (in practice about 7am on Tuesday morning for those in the UK) my novellas will be free on Amazon.

Exodus: Mike’s Thread

As the amazon review says “World War Z meets 24″.  An action packed thriller of a US Military coup to stop a mad US President from launching nukes against the world’s spaceports.

Exodus: Perfects

Introduction to a group of genetically engineered people living in a world that rejects them. Charlie has turned to organised crime to traffic people to safety and Pandora comes into his life, another person for him to save?

Exodus: Imperfect

To be released early July. Following on from Exodus: Perfects where Pandora discovers herself and embraces the criminal side of things to help her kind escape from the clutches of the police. Full of counter-surveillance and cat and mouse play with the police.

Links to follow when it is available, very soon indeed…

Reviews Wanted

I really need some feedback on how these stories work, or not if that is your view. If you have downloaded the stories I would love to hear from you with some feedback, positive or negative. It will really help me to be a better writer and improve my stories.

If you liked the stories, the best thing that you can do is leave the feedback of how well you liked them on your country’s version of Amazon. It makes other people more likely to want to read them.

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