Today I got my marks for my first assignment on the Open University course I am doing on Creative Writing (A215). I’m not allowed to post the question nor the feedback. However unusually this course has an exemption from publishing my own answer. Presumably this is because it is unlikely to help anyone else with the assignment were they to do it in the future.

Creative Writing is quite different from the other academic courses that I have completed. For a start there is a limit to what you can get externally to answer the question. When I did strategy I was able to go and read loads of papers and books on the topic in addition to the course materials. For A215 the support of other people seems to take that place, along with copious redrafting. I went through more versions of this than I did with most of my academic essay writing. Also I really had no idea how good or bad it was, where I always knew for the academic essays.

The result was a good one, comfortably in the second highest band. The tutor feedback was helpful and I will post a slightly amended version later on.

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