Not a C|N>K event sadly. Somehow I managed to let go of a full cup of coffee two inches above the side table while talking to my daughter yesterday morning about what we were going to do.

The laptop took some collateral spillage from the back. It was hibernating at the time and didn’t initially look like it was in danger, being on the sofa arm rather than the adjacent side table. After I’d mopped up from the floor I realised that there were splashes on the machine and when I opened it up to check inside the keyboard was wet. So was the inside of the battery compartment.

The good news is that I didn’t lose any data, although my reserve machine (my 2009 vintage netbook) can’t be described as a hot fail over.  So I have copied some of the immediate stuff to the netbook. After a disassembly to help it dry off and reassembly late last night the verdict on the laptop is that only the keyboard isn’t working. So with some luck I’ll get a reasonably priced replacement keyboard and swap it out in about a week.

Until then blog posting might be slowed down as I’m using my phone for this one. On the other hand you might just get slightly less prettier content.