Lucy and I went to Edinburgh Zoo with my brothers and their kids yesterday. It was a pretty good day out despite the torrential downpour that soaked us at four ish.


The highlight was the Pandas, although we only saw the male panda. Tian Tian, the female panda was hiding somewhere in the enclosure. Seeing the pandas was well organised, with timed slots and efficient queuing. We were also lucky to be in the indoor viewing room, which meant that we were very close indeed.

Our day started with the meerkats just inside the entrance. The zoo has a fairly new enclosure and there are a number of baby meerkats in the group. This greatly excited Lucy as she loves baby animals and also they kept running around which made her run back and forth to follow them around the enclosure.

The weather wasn’t that great so we didn’t see many animals in the next few enclosures, I think they were sheltering from the rain showers. Although the kids did find a small frog on the lawn in front of the jungle cafe after we stopped for a coffee.

Lucy enjoyed seeing the Lemurs in their walk through space. We spent some time with her sitting in front of the family group curled up on top of each other about two feet away. After that she lead us to the Koalas, she got really excited about them and made a huge play out of wanting to see the koalas over anything else anyone suggested. So we went.

Overall the zoo was as good as zoos can be. There’s a certain sorrow for the animals in captivity, but Edinburgh seems to be doing what it can to ensure that they have enrichment and good living conditions. We didn’t manage to see all of the zoo in one visit, but we had three preschool children in a party of 11.

Like a lot of visitor places it is worth taking a packed lunch as food is not cheap. A muffin and a coffee was over a fiver. Slightly more expensive than I’m used to in central London.