RK Gold author pic
RK Gold, the author (picture credit: RK Gold)

The first author interview of 2016 is with RK Gold, an award winning author of magical realism. RK Gold is an American from Buffalo NY and has studied creative writing at university. RK Gold writes poetry and short stories as well as longer works.

RK Gold – the interview

How long have you been writing for and what made you start writing?

I began writing when I was in elementary school, but it was more talking about writing and then occasionally jotting down a story. It was not until February 2014 (the final semester of my senior year) did I realize it was all I wanted to do. I wrote my first book in March that year, though I still have not done anything with it; it’s my first book so I am always trying to add more to it. Since then I have completed 8 manuscripts, signed with two small presses, and found a life in writing that I hope to continue expanding.

Do you write for a living, or do you also do other work?

I do write for a living, however I do not solely live off royalties from my books. I also write financial articles and freelance columns on various subjects.

How did you get into being a professional writer, and how much effort did it take to be able to write full time?

My senior year of college I realized writing is my passion, and if I wanted to pursue it I needed to treat more like a job than a hobby. A person can’t call himself/herself a banker and then only work when they feel inspired. They have to grind it out day after day, even if they aren’t feeling motivated. Once I realized that, and turned writing into a routine, I started getting published.

Were you always good at telling stories, or has it come to you as an adult?

I’m not sure. Honestly I think I was always the annoying one growing up. I used to sing a lot throughout my school day, but I have a terrible voice, so thankfully my classmates reminded me of that constantly.

Were you good at English in school?

Not until college really. I actually hated reading until I was around 18. Then one day it clicked and now I read for an hour or two daily.

What do you read for enjoyment?

RK Gold book cover for 'Just Under the Sky'
Cover of ‘Just Under the Sky’ by RK Gold (image credit: RK Gold)

That varies. I read some indie author work because it’s really supportive community with a lot of undiscovered talent. I could recommend a few authors like Nico Laeser, Lesley Hayes or Max Power. But I also love the classics like Vonnegut, Twain, and Hemingway. The author I strive to emulate my career after is Stephen King though I do not write stories quite like his. They would give me terrible nightmares. And then I also read a lot of comics. Alan Moore is a f***ing genius.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a writer?

Treat it like a job or it won’t become one.

What is the most useful advice you’ve been given?

Worry about edits after the first draft. My high school english teacher Dr. Sutherland taught me that, and he said he learned it from Harry Turtledove. But honestly other than that Google has been my main mentor. Google and a lot of trial and error.

What is the strangest advice you’ve been given?

Write erotica, that’s where all the money is.

How do you deal with the stranger reviews?

I smile. But honestly if I see a negative review I ignore it. There’s no point in fussing about it. The book is out. I listen to my editor and publisher when it comes to critiques.

Who do you write for?

Currently I write for Weasel Press out of Texas. Unless this was some meaning of life question on whether or not I write for me or the audience. In that case I’m not sure. I definitely write because I love it, but most of the love comes from entertaining others.

What sort of things do you write?

Mostly magical realism, a little crime, and definitely a fair amount of satire, which I keep to myself because some people just don’t get jokes.

Do you do much research? If so what is your favourite source?

Oh, I research daily. I read the NY Times, and Wall Street journal online probably 5 days a week. I love the Washington Post. I read some scholarly articles when I can from University databases that offer them for free.

What do you have in the drawer? (i.e. what have you written but not yet published)

Way too much to recount right now. I write anywhere from 1,500-3,000 words daily.

Describe your writing process, what, where, when and how please?

Get me coffee and I’m set.

What is your best method or website for promoting your books?

I use twitter mostly. It’s fun to reach out to people all over the world so easily.

What question do you wish I’d asked you?

Who is your favorite X-Men character? to which I would answer Gambit.

Where can we read your words?

I have all the links to my work on my website www.rkgoldcreations.com but feel free to find my book at www.weaselpress.com because you’ll probably see something else you want to buy

twitter: @RKGold91