English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbur...
English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I have been attacked by a story about a zombie baby. After spending too much time thinking about what was wrong with some contemporary zombie stories I ended up writing a bit of one to get it out of my head.

Zombie Baby

Patient zero in my story is a zombie baby. I had an interesting Twitter conversation with some doctors about how an Accident and Emergency might approach it. On the face of it we have a baby that is alive, it reacts to sight and sound and tries to grab people and bite them. So it’s alive. However, no discernible pulse or respiration.

Here are just some of the tweets

I’ve been writing my zombie baby story in the wattpad app because I can do it standing up on the train. There’s not a lot, but I’ve outlined more of the story in unpublished sections. As I write more of the first draft I’ll post it up. The story is provisionally titled ‘Z List‘ but I might rename it Zombie Baby because the hashtag caught on!

My core premise is that it takes more than a few minutes for people to succumb to infection. In fact I’m sort of assuming that it would be a couple of hours before early symptoms show, and probably 6-24 hours before the person becomes a full-blown zombie. As I see it the infection needs to overcome the immune system and then make changes to the metabolism and brain function.

The zombie baby is spawned from a contaminated chinese herbal remedy. This allows me to work in a load more patient zero outbreaks until the source is traced. Also, the police and civil contingencies responses will be reasonably effective (although they might need extra help in places).