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My Airbnb Experience in Paris

I had my first airbnb experience this weekend in Paris. It was a fairly good one. Paris itself was expensive but enjoyable and exactly what I had expected. My Airbnb Experience Part of my AirBNB experience, view from the window If you've had your own airbnb experience then I expect this won't be news to you. Initially I was uncertain about it. Staying in someone else's place can be fraught with difficulties.   However my host was a nice guy and was very friendly in the messaging beforehand and when we met in person. The first thing that I found a little odd with my airbnb experience was the booking process. What was odd was the need to introduce myself. Hotels don't really care about me as a person, they just want my money. Their volume assumptions mitigate the risks they…
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Paris in August

Alexander and I are in Paris for the weekend to see the sights.  It's cranked up about ten degrees since yesterday and Paris will stay very hot until it's time for us to go back home on Sunday. This is the first time I've used airbnb to book accommodation. I'm pretty pleased with it. The studio flat we're in is in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris and close to most of the tourist bits. It also has some reasonable amenities nearby, there's a typical Paris cafe over the road, and round the corner from that are a couple of places you can buy bread, fruit and other groceries. So we'll not starve this weekend, and with luck we'll get some proper French food while we are in Paris. Here's the view from the window. The dome just left of centre…
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