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2016 Stats for Themself – a review of the blog

The Garden Bookshelf in my potting shed, which is the real life equivalent of Themself During 2016 my blogging was patchy, I had some spells of not blogging frequently (notably in November & December). However I managed to write 81 blog posts, of which 77 have been published. That's over 47,000 words of new blog posts, not to mention the pictures. Not all of my blog writing was for Themself, some of it went on Cold Steel and a little went on a new fork of my leadership and work-related material called Red Leader. I've not really had time to do much with Red Leader, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually. The two forks took some of the traffic away from Themself, but that gives this blog a little more focus, and it still has by far and away the most material of all…
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500 Posts on Themself – milestone

Themself passed the 500 posts milestone earlier this week. I've been specifically writing for Themself since 5th July 2006, so it has taken me a decade to write 500 posts. That said, the earliest posts date from 1995, but they were originally written for the Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group newsletter Milmud. Of the posts I've written, 15 were slotted in before the real start of the blog. All of those come from other things I'd written for publication elsewhere. Part of the nature of the very early blog posts was that I didn't have a topic in mind, so they're pretty short and random. These days they'd probably turn up as facebook status updates. Back then there wasn't a facebook (or at least I didn't have an account). What really turned up the heat was doing the creative writing course…
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Six Steps to Blog Posts People Read

One of my oldest friends asked me for some advice on writing a blog and attracting a following. He asked me because I've been blogging for decades and have written hundreds of posts, the most popular of which get thousands of hits. It made me think, here's how I think you should write a blog that people will want to read. NB lots of people bang on about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but if you write good content in a readable way then it ought to hit the search engines fine. Well written and thought provoking content presented well will beat keyword stuffing any day of the week. 1. Pick a subject and be insightful By this I mean write about something you really know and care about. A topic you think about and can make insightful or thought provoking commentary…
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250 Posts

Well 251 now as it happens, since this one is the 251st post on themself. I've always been a bit vague about blog dates, largely because it doesn't really matter all that much. I've been writing for decades, before it was even possible to publish it easily. There are still a couple of ring binders with stories in them and also dozens of notebooks and a couple of boxes of index cards from before the internet. I doubt many of those will ever be published, although they may well be mined for ideas eventually. This is not my first blog, and as much as I can I've imported the articles written for the previous blogs into wordpress. I've also gone back and gathered up things that I wrote for publication and added them into the archives where I can. There…
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Another Short Lived Blog?

OK. Playing about with various bits of blog software because I want to try it out and figure that this has got to be a better way to do things than creating static web pages and also having to edit stuff lots. I can write html using nothing more than a text editor, but that's so last
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