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Red Horse by M.J. Logue [Book Review]

  Red Horse by Logue My rating: 5 of 5 stars Red Horse is set at the beginning of the First English Civil War in 1642. The primary characters are Captain Hollie Babbitt and his young Cornet Luce Pettitt. Babbitt is a grizzled and damaged English mercenary back from the continent to fight for Parliament. Pettitt fights from conviction and conscience, he is a distant relation to the Earl of Essex. This sets us up nicely for a tale from a cavalry viewpoint with the odd glimpse of higher command. There are a troop of supporting characters as well. For the most part they simply give enough context for the main characters not to be in isolation. Both main characters are flawed, and this makes their character development engaging. Luce starts off naive and relatively innocent. I could identify my…
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Book Review – The Last Roundhead by Jemahl Evans

Roundhead in the English Civil War (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Last Roundhead by Jemahl Evans My rating: 5 of 5 stars The Last Roundhead is the best historical fiction I have read in years! This is the tale of Blandford Candy, the last roundhead alive in 1719 when he wrote his memoirs. In the long hot summer of 1642 he is forced to leave home because his sister has discovered that he is having an affair with his eldest brother's wife to be. He rides up to London in search of fame and fortune, just in time to be enlisted in his uncle's Regiment. It is by far the best historical fiction that I have read since I finished reading the Flashman papers. The Last Roundhead Laid out in the style of the Flashman papers, Candy's story is very well…
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Author Interview – Jemahl Evans

This week's interview is with Jemahl Evans, author of The Last Roundhead, the edited memoirs of Blandford Candy, the last surviving Roundhead. Laid out like Flashman's memoirs it tells the story of the early days of the First of the Civil Wars in the mid seventeenth century. I've just finished reading theĀ ARC and will write a review next week. How long have you been writing for and what made you start writing? I have always scribbled bits and bobs, ever since I as a child, but I kept it to myself mainly. The opening to The Last Roundhead came to me one afternoon when I was teaching in Hounslow, but then it sat on my laptop untouched. I came back to Wales in 2010, after my father died and Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and COPD, and started to…
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CLWG December 1999 – Offside Report

What you missed at the Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group (CLWG) December meeting. In December we started from 12 at John Rutherford's house and played until after 9pm and chatted with the aid of several bottles of wine until almost midnight. In total we had 13 members at the meeting. It started with a fairly light-hearted game called 'Battling Druids' which was originally designed by Trevor Farrant as a participation game for wargames shows for another club that he is a member of. This involves four 100mm models of druids, four fountains, a cloud with a lighting bolt, hordes of hedges, magic spells and a whole lot of fun. A sergeant air-gunner mans his Vickers 'K' gun from the rear cockpit of a Fairey Battle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Next up was an RAF Aircrew RPG which I ran with the help…
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