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B203 Exam tomorrow

The exam for B203 is tomorrow afternoon, I can't honestly say that I've done enough prep for it but all I need is a pass. I've already done enough to secure a 2:1 for my degree and this is the last of the mandatory modules I need to do. It's also the least favourite of the modules I've done. Tomorrow night it will be done, barring the need for a resit if I fail the exam. Instead of blogging I've been cramming theory on Operations Management, Information Management, Accounting & Finance, Marketing and HR Management into my head. I've also been putting my notes into a personal wiki that you can find at  if you too are one of the people studying B203 with the open university. Let me know if you find it useful. Next up will be T317…
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B203 Revision

I went to the last OU day school for this module on Saturday. TMA6 is due on Thursday and then the exam is five weeks after that. So it was a timely session, all the more so because I ended up with a copy of all the past papers for the B203 exams. If you are doing this course and missed the tutorial then here are some specific things I picked up. Part 1 is a cross functional question. You need to open with an explanatory paragraph about the organisation that you will use to answer the questions. You can practice this in advance and them just write it down as an intro before reading the question. That para needs to include - the name and function of the organisation; - where it is based; - why you have selected…
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