The exam for B203 is tomorrow afternoon, I can’t honestly say that I’ve done enough prep for it but all I need is a pass. I’ve already done enough to secure a 2:1 for my degree and this is the last of the mandatory modules I need to do. It’s also the least favourite of the modules I’ve done. Tomorrow night it will be done, barring the need for a resit if I fail the exam.

Instead of blogging I’ve been cramming theory on Operations Management, Information Management, Accounting & Finance, Marketing and HR Management into my head. I’ve also been putting my notes into a personal wiki that you can find at if you too are one of the people studying B203 with the open university. Let me know if you find it useful.

Next up will be T317 Innovation: Designing for Change. That doesn’t start until October so normal blogging will resume again soon. There might be a time lag though because I’ve used up all the spare articles and haven’t read anything to review recently. Also I’ve broken my kindle, so it will be paper books only for a bit, and those are harder to find space to read.

Over on Hot Blood & Cold Steel there are a couple of articles about a 1689 megagame and Operation Sealion.