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On not blogging

I've not written much since I was in hospital. I found it harder to concentrate when I was recuperating. I also think that I might have gone back to work a little sooner than was ideal. I did manage to publish a couple of posts about my hospital stay, and there's a third one in draft that I didn't manage to finish. I don't think that's anything to do with having been unwell. I've not lost enthusiasm, but I do seem to have a lot of things going on. It's been the same at work. I had been writing one and a bit blog posts a week for work before I was off. In two months I've managed three. Writer's block? I haven't got writer's block. I've just run out of time to write things. I've worked a fair number…
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To the Brink of Death (part 2 – into hospital)

I spent a chunk of last week in hospital, part 1 was about becoming unwell, this is about my experience as a patient going into hospital. As a caveat I was deeply unwell and don't have total recall. I'm doing this from memory a week out aided by various pictures and messages on my phone. I tried to get my observations (obs) and share them with my wife as we went along. Into Hospital We went the back route to the hospital, avoiding the roadworks and also giving Tracy a chance to drop me off in front of the Emergency Department before parking. I went in on my own, as I approached the reception a large board informed me that there were three patients waiting to be seen in ED and that the average wait time was 48 minutes. That…
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